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For those interested in Kansas history, Renyer’s Pumpkin Farm is located on historic ground, about five miles north of Wetmore, Kansas. This is the site of the old town called Granada, Kansas.  For those interested, Granada is listed at, under “Kansas.” 

Granada was established in the 1850’s, and was a crossroad for major wagon and freight trains.  It rose and fell, and evidence of the former town is still visible.  In the days of Granada’s creation, the wells were hand dug, and cellars were lined with native limestone.  You can see this on the Renyer farm.

The farmhouse sits on the location of the old hotel, and the one-room schoolhouse is still standing nearby.  Downtown Granada also boasted at its height a post office, grocery store and church.   The old cemetery is about a mile and a half down the road.

Because the railroad developers chose Sabetha to the north and Wetmore to the south for railroad lines, Granada slowly declined, like many small Kansas towns.  The grocery store closed in 1973, over 40 years ago.  

Additionally, the Pony Express route and Old Military Trail are close by.  In 1860 and 1861, Pony Express riders changed their horses for fresh ones at the Pony Express Station.  The Pony Express riders carried the mail by horseback, in the days when communication was far different than today.  There were no telephones, computers, internet or televisions.  The Pony Express helped to connect California, in particular, with the Union as the Civil War was breaking out. 

Pony Express stations were roughly 10 miles apart across the prairies, plains, deserts and mountains.  This was roughly the distance a horse had the stamina to be ridden rapidly for a long distance.  Pony Express riders rode both day and night.  In June of each year, you can watch the re-enactment of the Pony Express riders making their way across the prairie on hard-working horses close by the Renyer’s farm.

The Old Military Trail is part of a national series of trails established as our country was founded.  For those interested, more information can be found at:

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