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Rocket Shot Archery NEW EVENT!

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Rocket Shot Archery; "Where Fun is Right on Target" now at Renyer's Pumpkin Farm. Rocket Shot Archery offers the best of both worlds by combining archery and dodge ball.  The soft tip arrow and low pull bow make this a fun family event.  Play as a team or defend yourself with this great new attraction. 

Two Ways to Play, Endless Fun for the Whole Family

Free for all- players have 5 minutes to shoot as many people as possible. There are no outs, just loads of fun getting to be your own personal hero, shooting all the bad guys in sight.

Team Death Match- Just like in the game of dodge ball, arrows will be lined up in the center of the field. Players will have to run their heart out to make sure they receive an arrow. Bows will be left on the ground at their starting point. They then must try to dodge, duck, and weave through the trees and flying arrows and survive the round. Once you are hit with an arrow, except for the face, you are out and cannot return unless an arrow is caught. First team to get all the other players out, wins. 

$3 per person for 1 five minute round of free for all or one exciting game of team death match

$5 per person for 10 minutes of free for all or 3 intense games of team death match

Like Rocket Shot Archery on Facebook for a dollar off discount

Ages 8 and up

Basic Archery Lessons are Available by Request 

Operated by Clay & Dena Renyer.  For additional information contact: 785-285-2596

Opening Day (SUNDAY) October 1, 2017


What a great summer we are having.  We have been working all spring and summer for your visit this October.  A couple new activities and along with the same great fun you enjoyed in past years.  We are looking forward to your visit.

Doug & Brenda Renyer








2017 Season Hours


Oct. 1st (SUNDAY) - Oct. 29th

Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm
Sunday: 1 pm - 6 pm

Friday Hours by Appointment Only
(Groups of 15+)

Call (785) 866-5712 today!

Only $8.25

Kids under 2 years are free!

Mastercard Visa Excepted

We accepted Mastercard and Visa on the farm!


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